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One, with a single one
1, high school and above, more than one year with a single work experience, a battery - related industry experience preferred admission;
2, is mainly responsible for a single business, and go out to deal with business problems, customer orders into internal orders, from orders to ship a series of tracking (process);
3, skilled use of office software, with good communication skills, a strong sense of team, strong anti-pressure.
Second, the quality of QC 1 name
1, familiar with the lithium battery PACK processing industry inspection work for 2 years or more;
2, can be proficient in the use of a variety of measurement tools, the lithium battery product abnormalities, can actively participate in, analysis, tracking and processing,
3, familiar with the office software, can produce quality reports, quality objectives;
4, can independently complete the feed, process, shipping and other aspects of inspection work, understand the ISO9001-2008 quality system operation, QC seven practices, test equipment skilled operation;
Third, the market sales
1,20-35 years old, college or college education, more than one year battery industry sales experience, have good market insight;
2, polymer or energy storage battery familiar with, have engaged in lithium battery battery products: energy storage batteries, power batteries, power tools and PACK finished product sales experience is preferred hiring;
3, with strong business development capabilities and resource integration capabilities, with good communication and coordination.
Fourth, an electronic technical engineer
1, consumer electronics products practitioners for more than 3 years, 38 years old, the experience of electronic product development is preferred, can read English information;
2, the battery protection circuit, the battery application circuit, polymer battery characteristics such as a wealth of experience;
3, the experience of the plastic structure, the experience of the plastic mold, the hardware, wire and other related materials have experience;
4, can independently design copy, simple label design, a variety of table design;
5, can independently handle guest complaints, can use electronic equipment and equipment, analysis of problems, analysis reports, improve the report. Have good customer communication skills;
6, the electronic products, especially battery products, production processes, quality control has a wealth of experience;
7, skilled application of a variety of related professional software to work. For example: AUTOCAD PRO-E SOLIDWORKS CORELDRAW PROTEL PADS OFFICS, etc., the software is not limited, to complete the work can be;
8, hands-on ability, can independently complete the model of materials, welding, testing, samples, finished product specifications, samples, finished product test report.
Five, overseas sales 2
1, male and female, 35 years of age, college education, have good English writing skills and fluent oral expression;
2, familiar with foreign sales business processes, a strong market control and development capabilities; more than 2 years experience in sales of electronic products;
3, on the e-commerce platform have a certain understanding, familiar with overseas marketing channels, participated in overseas exhibition priority.
Six, a cashier
1, responsible for the daily expenses reimbursement certificate audit, registration work, preparation fee summary table, the use of funds table;
2, is responsible for fixed assets, low - value consumables assets inventory management work to ensure the safety of the company 's property;
3, responsible for the company supplies procurement, registration, management and other work;
4, responsible for the company staff salaries and other work, staff daily reimbursement, cash flow notes and other work;
5, financial accounting, financial and economics and other related professional, accounting personnel practitioners qualification certificate;
6, familiar with Kingdee financial software use, more than one year financial related work experience, familiar with the cashier work process;
7, with industry professional ethics, have the ability to work independently, work meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, good coordination and communication skills and team spirit;
8, subject to the temporary arrangements for the work.
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