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Solar tire pressure meter lithium battery

Solar tire pressure meter lithium battery
I. Overview
Solar tire pressure gauge is a no need for traditional plug-in equipment, is a portable, solar charging a device; using a high efficiency solar panels, using a high temperature, long life of a lithium battery as an important power supply, The traditional way to change the line, etc., now just open the power can be used.
Second, the main components of lithium batteries
Cathode material: lithium iron phosphate, ternary (nickel cobalt cobalt oxide), lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide
Diaphragm: the main election high temperature ceramic diaphragm
Electrolyte: high temperature electrolyte
Protection chip: Seiko, Ricoh, Taiwan, Hongkang and so on
Third, how to match a suitable tire pressure gauge battery
1, the material selection: the proposed lithium iron phosphate / lithium cobalt oxide cathode material, high temperature electrolyte, high temperature ceramic diaphragm, over discharge voltage off the chip (recommended Seiko G3J);
It is well known that lithium iron phosphate and lithium cobalt oxide are high-end materials of lithium batteries, not only conventional performance, and high temperature performance is more prominent, so in the choice of a need for high temperature lithium battery recommendations can choose lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, but here Need to pay special attention to is that a major application of lithium iron phosphate and energy storage and automotive field materials, the production control is relatively high, so the choice of this material at the same time need to consider accepting its price and annual output, popular point That is, a year there are 100W order to meet the basic needs, and the relative high price of lithium iron phosphate; of course, relative to the lithium cobalt oxide is a high-end consumer materials, this is relatively easy to achieve, it is recommended to use lithium cobalt oxide material.
High temperature electrolyte This is a very important step that must be used to prevent the use of conventional electrolytes to cause air swelling, chemical decomposition, high temperature electrolytes;
High temperature ceramic diaphragm is to prevent high temperature conditions, the deformation of the diaphragm shrinkage caused by short-circuit risk an important step;
Protection chip selection, it is recommended to use high precision, 3.0V cut-off voltage Seiko chip, at least there are two benefits, one is to increase the battery in the relatively high voltage cut-off work to achieve a shallow standard to effectively extend the battery life, Long time to save the state to effectively cut off work, to extend the storage time
Fourth, how to ensure that the tire pressure gauge battery to achieve the best
1, choose a good battery;
2, choose to have the ability to communicate with the ability of suppliers, to timely communication, feedback, processing, to the program;
3, the tire pressure meter side, the general charge voltage is set to 4.2 ~ 4.25V charging voltage, or 3.6 ~ 3.65V charging voltage, it is recommended in the battery standard charging voltage on the basis of the standard voltage of 95% or so recommended, because itself Lithium batteries in more than 95% of the voltage energy is not much, and the general use is floating in the state, the battery activity is high, does not apply to long-term storage use; recommended 95% of the charging voltage;
4, storage recommendations at 70% of the amount of electricity storage and transportation as the best, because the state from the minimum discharge, but also relatively safe;
5, charge control in the 0 ℃ above the charge, not less than 0 ℃, you can 0 ~ 80 degrees charge, the premise is a small current;
6, discharge control in -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃.
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