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7 big point to see the difference between polymer lithium battery and lithium battery?

Polymer lithium battery generally refers to the polymer lithium-ion battery, according to the lithium-ion battery electrolyte materials used in different, lithium-ion battery is divided into liquid lithium-ion battery and polymer lithium-ion battery or plastic lithium-ion battery. Do you know what is the difference between polymer lithium and lithium batteries? Let's take a look at it.
First, the polymer lithium battery and lithium battery difference
Relative to the lithium-ion battery, lithium polymer battery features are as follows:
1. No battery leakage problem, the battery does not contain liquid electrolyte inside, the use of colloidal solid.
2. Can be made thin battery: 3.6V400mAh capacity, the thickness can be thin to 0.5mm.
3. The battery can be designed in a variety of shapes.
7 big point to see the difference between polymer lithium battery and lithium battery
4. Battery can be bent deformation: polymer battery can be bent about 900 or so.
5. Can be made into a single high voltage: liquid electrolyte battery can only be a few batteries in series to get high voltage, polymer batteries.
6. Because there is no liquid, can be made within a single multi-layer combination to achieve high voltage.
7. Capacity will be twice the same size lithium-ion battery.
Second, the polymer lithium battery life
Correct statement: lithium battery life and the number of completion of the charging cycle, and the number of times the charge is not directly related.
Simple to understand, for example, a lithium battery in the first day only half of the electricity, and then it is full of electricity. If the next day so, that is, with half of the charge, a total of two charge down, this can only be counted as a charging cycle, rather than two. Therefore, it may usually take several charges to complete a cycle. Each time a charge cycle is completed, the amount of electricity is reduced. However, the reduction is very small, high-quality battery after a number of cycles, will still retain the original power of 80%, a lot of lithium power supply products after two or three years still used as usual, is the reason. Of course, lithium battery life to the final need to replace.
Lithium battery life is generally 300 to 500 charge cycle. Assuming that the power delivered at a complete discharge is Q, lithium can provide or supplement the power of 300Q-500Q in its lifetime, regardless of the reduction in power after each charge cycle. From this we know that if each time with 1/2 on the charge, you can charge 600-1000 times; if each with 1/3 on the charge, you can charge 900 ~ 1500 times. And so on, if the random charge, the number of uncertain. In short, no matter how charge, a total of 300Q ~ 500Q to add the power of this point is constant. So, we can also understand: lithium battery life and the total charge of the battery, and the number of charges has nothing to do. Deep into the deep charge and shallow shallow charge for the impact of lithium life is not much difference.
In fact, shallow shallow charge for the lithium is more beneficial, only in the product power module for lithium to do when the calibration, only deep into the deep charge of the necessary. Therefore, the use of lithium-powered products do not have to rigidly adhere to the process, all to facilitate the first, at any time charge, do not worry about the impact of life.
If lithium is used in an environment higher than the specified operating temperature, that is, above 35 ° C, the battery will continue to decrease, that is, the battery's power supply time will not be as long as usual. If at such a temperature, but also for the equipment to charge, that damage to the battery will be greater. Even if the battery is stored in a hot environment, it will inevitably cause damage to the quality of the battery. Therefore, try to keep the operating temperature at a suitable temperature is a good way to extend the life of lithium battery.
If the low temperature environment, that is, 4 ° C below the use of lithium, the same will also find the battery to reduce the use of time, and some of the original lithium battery in the low temperature environment, even without power. But do not worry too much, this is only temporary conditions, different from the use of high temperature environment, once the temperature rises, the molecules in the battery heat, immediately returned to the previous power.
To play the maximum performance of lithium-ion battery, you need to use it often, so that lithium is always in the electronic state of the flow. If you do not often use lithium, please remember to complete a monthly charge to the lithium charge cycle, do a power calibration, that is, deep deep charge once.
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