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Ministry of Industry issued a "polymer lithium battery industry standard conditions" What?

In order to strengthen the management of the polymer polymer lithium battery industry, improve the development level of the polymer lithium battery industry, guide the industrial transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the lithium ion battery industry. On September 7, 2015, Lithium-ion battery industry standard conditions. "
New energy vehicles to boost the amount of power polymer lithium battery demand is growing rapidly, is expected in 2015 the demand for power polymer lithium battery over 13 million kwh, the growth rate of 100%. The polymer lithium battery industry standard release, is expected to further standardize the production of polymer lithium battery standards, for the industry leader, or will benefit from the industrial concentration of the upgrade. A shares in Cangzhou Pearl, Pioneer shares, extension state shares, etc., hope to benefit from the release of industry planning conditions.
"Standard conditions" require the battery business should meet the following requirements: the battery annual production capacity of not less than 100 million watts; cathode material annual production capacity of not less than 2000 tons; negative material annual production capacity of not less than 2000 tons; diaphragm annual capacity of not less than 20 million square meters; electrolyte annual production capacity of not less than 2000 tons, the electrolyte production capacity of not less than 500 tons. The actual output of the enterprise for the previous year shall not be less than 50% of the actual capacity. Compared to the Ministry of Industry in the "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" provides lithium-ion battery manufacturers production capacity of not less than 200 million watts annual requirements, "lithium-ion battery industry standard conditions" is relatively low, so good To prevent some enterprises rush to develop car power battery for energy storage and consumption of lithium-ion battery consumption needs to retain a lot of space. And lithium-ion battery key materials, the annual production capacity is also high, which to a large extent to ensure large-scale production, is expected under this standard a lot of non-compliance business or seek joint reorganization or merger of large enterprises.
"Standard conditions" provides strict control of the new simple expansion of production capacity, low level of technical lithium-ion battery industry projects. Also provides lithium ion battery manufacturing enterprises must have the relevant standards of electrical performance and safety testing capabilities to encourage enterprises with environmental adaptability testing equipment and equipment, with the battery environment adaptive detection capabilities.
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