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Electric car different battery charger can be common?

As the lithium battery in the fast replacement of lead-acid batteries, some people buy a lead-acid battery electric car after the lithium battery electric car, but can not help but question: before the lead-acid battery charger can use lithium battery Charge on this, the relevant information shows that this is not feasible.
This is because the acid battery charger is generally set to two-stage or three-stage charging mode, lithium battery and lead-acid battery voltage level is not match. And lithium batteries are also many kinds of battery performance and battery protection board parameters are likely to be different. So lithium batteries do not like lead-acid batteries, there are general-purpose battery charger. In general, lithium batteries are shipped with a dedicated charger. In order to protect the lithium battery, it is best to use the corresponding special charger.
The following is to charge the lithium battery need to pay attention to the relevant matters:
1, in order to extend the life of lithium batteries, lithium batteries need to charge and discharge often. To develop riding electric car use 80% of the electricity must be charged after the habit, do not wait for all the electricity used to charge. In addition, lithium batteries should not be stored for a long time.
2, in the electric car to recharge the battery when the battery must be closed, and can not put the battery upside down. Charging should be filled once, not many times to charge, this will affect the battery life.
3, electrical appliances should not be stored in the state of loss, even if the battery is not stored, it should be a month to the battery full of electricity.
4, lithium batteries in the use of supporting the use of chargers, battery raw materials and lithium battery production process is different from the technical requirements of the charger is not the same, so only the use of a dedicated charger to make lithium battery life longer, And to prevent security risks.
5, lithium battery power, you should turn off the power ride, can not use the rebound voltage to prevent serious loss of electricity, so as to extend the battery life.
6, to charge the electric car lithium battery, the charge indicator shows full charge and then float 1 to 2 hours, do not need to stop when the display is full of charging.
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