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Is the polymer battery safe or lithium battery safe?

According to the author's understanding, more secure argument is mainly from the Taobao cottage mobile power manufacturers, as a selling point to attack the use of batteries products.
We can "battery explosion" as a keyword, the degree of Niang, the main news is related to the phone, and now the phone, has been unable to find non-models, so the polymer lithium battery compared to lithium batteries more secure The argument is untenable, but there is absolutely no explosion will say. In addition to individual extreme explosion cases, drum phenomenon is almost a common problem of polymer lithium battery.
Of course, the polymer lithium battery has its unique and (cylindrical) lithium battery completely irreplaceable advantages: square flattened, which makes it in the portable portable electronic equipment to show their skills, in addition to highly dependent on the phone, ultra-thin notebook Also use a polymer lithium battery. Regardless of its safety is high or low, as long as we can not leave the phone, it, in your hand or trousers pocket. Fortunately, the current mainstream mobile phone brand star models are almost all use Japanese and Korean batteries, are from the international manufacturers, the overall safety is very high, the daily use of large need not entangled in this.
Back to talk about lithium batteries, which are often a variety of cottage mobile power manufacturers to attack the "old" battery, is still widely used in a variety of electronic equipment, such as mobile power. In fact, in the high-end applications, such as professional video equipment, laptop batteries, has been the main role, Tesla electric car's large-scale application is to enhance the high security of this battery image. Lithium battery technology is mature, good consistency, high capacity density, large-capacity hybrid applications in the polymer lithium battery can not replace the advantages.
So, in the daily life need to consider the type of battery, we should do what kind of choice? Or mobile power, for example, personal point of view: the choice of famous battery suppliers of products, such as: SANYO, Panasonic, SONY, Samsung, LG, domestic force God, BAK, the Yangtze River, Zhuo Neng also have a certain size The brand, the security is also a relatively high guarantee. The safety of the batteries mainly lies in the quality control of the manufacturers, not whether it is a polymer or an ordinary lithium battery.
By the way, a widely accepted misconception is that the polymer lithium battery does not mean that the thinner, thinner or heavy weight is always closely related to the energy density, whether the battery is a cylinder or a square, and at the same time, the same capacity There is no significant difference between the volume weight of the lithium battery and the lithium battery.
No matter how mobile phone manufacturers to optimize the internal design, reduce power consumption, battery life problems can not be avoided. With lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium metal anode batteries and other technologies available, no worries about the smart phone is expected to come soon.
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