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Traditional lithium batteries will fade out the stage manufacturers need new technology

According to foreign media reports, compared to smart phone performance and design to enhance, users are more concerned about battery life. The current development of battery technology has encountered bottlenecks, new products may be in the next few years into reality.
Foreign media cited the United States Energy Research Center, said the study, the traditional lithium battery after a period of use will produce lithium metal accumulation, affecting the lithium battery anode, reduce battery capacity and lead to expansion, explosion risk, and therefore can not be long-term use. In addition, today's mobile phone has been thin enough, battery space upgrade has been very limited.
Lithium-sulfur battery research, the use of lithium-sulfur instead of traditional lithium polymer, not only can get a higher charge capacity, but also reduce the generation of lithium metal deposits, enhance stability. This design simply adds a thin layer of silica to the sulfide, separating the sulfur from the electrolyte and easily passing between the electrodes. At present, a lot of related research has been started, the practical application of the date is getting closer.
In addition, the company's main push lithium metal anode technology is also a viable option, its essence is to reduce the lithium battery size, allowing the phone to maintain both thin and light design, but also has a larger capacity battery. They developed the "anodeless" battery than the mainstream mobile phone lithium battery size is much smaller, said the battery density than graphite anode performance 50% higher.
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