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Energy storage battery is the key to the large-scale development of renewable energy

In recent years, the share of renewable energy generation has increased. Renewable energy is not only seen as an effective way to solve environmental problems, especially to reduce carbon emissions, long-term may be one of the most important solutions for human energy demand. Global 2014 renewable energy production accounted for 22.8% of the proportion of electricity (including hydropower, etc.), of which the sum of wind energy and solar energy accounted for 4%. China faces a serious environmental pressure and pay more attention to the development of renewable energy power generation in 2014, renewable energy power generation capacity of 1.2 trillion kwh, accounting for 22% of total generating capacity, of which the wind power generation of the total generating capacity of 2.8 %; Photovoltaic power generation accounts for 0.45% of total power generation, grid-connected photovoltaic 0.42%. In a joint statement issued by China and the United States in 2014, China proposed plans to reach a peak at around 2030 and will strive to reach its peak at an early date and increase the share of non-fossil energy to 20% in 2030, Of the plan is by 2020 non-fossil energy accounted for 15%. Taking into account the long period of construction of hydropower nuclear power, growth by endowment constraints, wind, light development potential is very large.
Battery energy storage system breakthrough has reached a key point, and now study the energy storage economy, more than before the timeliness and guidance. And from the macro and micro step on the renewable energy and energy storage system research and policy set, with the feasibility and empirical reference significance.
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